Netherlands Tulip Fields Family Photos

If you’re taking your family to visit the Netherlands Tulip Fields for family photos, let me let you in on my biggest secret as a family photographer: The rows of space in between the flowers at the tulip fields make for great family races!

Seriously, any family photographer worth their salt will tell you they don’t have favorite poses, they have favorite games. Games, games, and more games are the trick to keeping kids happy during your photoshoot.

Wondering what else you need to know for your Tulip Field visit, read on!

Dressing for the Weather

In the Netherlands, tulip season is at the end of April to mid-May, and that means temperatures can be anywhere from “I-need-a-sweatshirt” chilly to “holy-cow-it’s warm” tee shirt.

If you’re planning to dress casual for your session, opt for light-color pants with close-toed, neutral shoes. Light-wash jeans, light khaki pants, or even linen pants are excellent choices. For tops, light color tee shirts, and button ups work great for the guys. Sweaters and blouses are great choices for women.

If you’re opting for dressier attire, opt for a single color dress over a heavily pattered one. The tulips will add a lot of visual information to your images, and your simple dress will provide the eye an easy resting place.

For more tips on Spring Photoshoots, I have a very, very detailed blog on everything from dress cuts, dress lengths, fabrics, and more! Don’t say I didn’t warn you: Spring Family Photo Outfits.

netherlands tulip fields family photos

Getting to the Tulip Farm

A lot of visitors expect the tulip fields to be within walking distance of Amsterdam, but they are not. You will need to take a train or a bus to the tulip fields! Whether you’re taking the train or bus, children are given a cheaper rate, so be sure to pay attention to that when you are booking your train ticket and make sure to tell the bus driver if you are paying for the tickets upon boarding.

Make Rain Plans

The Netherlands is known for its rainy disposition, but thankfully in the Spring the rain comes only every now and then. I suggest scheduling a photoshoot in the morning, and waiting out the rain in a cafe. The Tulip Barn has an attached cafe, and this is one of their many perks, a family discount being the second. The also have a play area for children nearby.

Expect Chaos and then Embrace it!

No matter where you are, your toddler is going to toddler. Licking the tulips, running towards the giant play tractor, occasionally pulling at the tulip petals. It happens!

I’ve seen so many parents caught in the crossroads between “oh I don’t want to start down tantrum lane” and “but this behavior cannot fly.” The best thing I know to do in this situation is to redirect over saying “no” at all costs, but before we even get to that step, I like to wait and see if they move on from that activity, or move my feet and adjust my angles.

If your child is simply over photos and need a break, we take a break! Snacks that are a light color and won’t crumble everywhere are something everyone should bring to photoshoots!

Booking a Tulip Field Photoshoot with a Family Photographer

Sim Sawyers is a light and airy family photographer living in Amsterdam with her husband and two sons. If you’d like to book a family photoshoot at a tulip field, please use the booking tab on the website or email me directly at

If you’re visiting Amsterdam in the off-season for tulips and don’t know where you’d like to take photos, I am happy to help you sort through your options!

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