Spring Family Photo Outfits

Colors, textures, patterns-oh my! When it comes to pulling together a stunning ensemble, the right combination can make spring family photos a breeze and the wrong outfits can possibly tank them. Here are my tips for dressing your family for photos, with examples, of course!

Choose Comfortable Clothing for Children

In fact, the most important thing to consider in picking out family outfits is whether or not your children are comfortable in their clothes. You know your children best, so choose items that are closer to what they wear every day. If your daughter is used to wearing sneakers, a white pair of sneakers (like Vans) would be a better option for photos than strappy sandals.

On top of making sure your children are comfortable, you also need to consider the unpredictable weather that is Spring. Spring can be chilly, so make sure to dress your girls in leggings under their skirts and bring along a sweater. For boys, you can dress them in pants and bring a cardigan for them as well.

Choose One or Two Colors

blue and beige spring family outfits

There are exceptions to this, of course. But if you are overwhelmed, pick two colors and stick to variations of those. You can look at your house for inspiration. For example, if your images are going in your living room, you could coordinate with your color scheme in there.

Coordinate Light Fabrics with Other Light Fabrics

blue and green spring family photo outfits

I don’t mean color when I say “light,” I’m talking about how thick or thin the fabric is. If you’re wearing a thick sweater dress, it will look a little “off” if your child is wearing a thin linen set, even if the colors look nice together. For Spring sessions, I recommend getting warmth from light sweaters and hidden under-layers.

Opt for Flats over Heels for Spring Sessions

neutral spring family photo outfits

You may be asked to stand in the grass for your photos, and you don’t want your heel to sink into the grass or to trip!

Choose Simple Jewelry

spring outfits family of five

I recommend wearing small, simple jewelry that won’t be the focus point of your session. Simple pieces stay in style longer than statement pieces, and there’s less chance your kids will pull on it.

Most of the items picture come from H&M. If you have a session booked and would like to send me images of particular items, please feel free to do so! I am here to help in any way I can!

If you’d like to book a session, please use the booking tab or email me directly at simsawyersphotography@gmail.com to inquire.

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