Bloesempark Cherry Blossom Photos (Amsterdam)

If you’re visiting Amsterdam in late March or early April and plan to see the Japanese Cherry Blossoms in the Bloesempark, here are my tips for making the best out of trip! Plus some photography tips for taking your own cherry blossom photos in the bloesempark!

Ever since we decided to move to Amsterdam, I have been captivated by the Japanese Bloesempark just outside of the city. After the longest winter I’ve ever experienced, the blooms were more than worth it, and when I finally got the chance to photograph there, it was perfect because I knew exactly what to expect!

Here are my tips for visiting the Amsterdam Bloesempark!

amsterdam bloesempark cherry blossoms

Keep up with the Cherry Blossom tree’s progress:

Although the blossoms generally bloom in late March to Mid April, the ever-changing weather has an effect on the blossoms. They can bloom early or late, and you never know what’s going to happen until it does. Thankfully there are several Instagram accounts dedicated to keeping up with the bloesempark. @amsterdamsebos is the account I use.

Realize that the Bloesempark is NOT in Amsterdam!

The Bloesempark is technically in Amstelveen, not Amsterdam. Although Amstelveen is very close to Amsterdam, if you are biking or taking public transport, you need to plan accordingly. The Bloesempark is not something you’re going to be able to squeeze in between two museum slots.

There is a bus that will get you within walking distance of the park (note that not all buses are included in your city pass), and I would budget a little over an hour and a half of travel time to get to the park.

If you are renting bikes during your Amsterdam visit, you can cycle to the park! The ride to the park is pleasant as long as it’s not raining, which brings me to my next tip:

amsterdam bloesempark cherry blossoms

Dress Warmly

Amsterdam in the Spring is still very chilly, especially when the sun is behind the clouds. Sweaters are key here; I always wear a long-sleeve shirt with a sweater on top with jeans or leggings and waterproof boots. (Your feet will get muddy, even if it’s not raining that day.) Make sure to bring a long raincoat. This is the key to to trapping in your body heat while you cycle. (My husband and I refer to it as the “broccoli bag.”)

If you’re wearing a pretty spring dress for photos in the Cherry Blossom Garden, wear leggings underneath the dress and bring a light sweater to drape over your shoulders.

amsterdam blosempark cherry blossoms

Expect other Tourists

The Bloesempark isn’t quite as crowded as Instagram might have you believe, but there are people there. Nevertheless, you’ll have room to take photos and even sit and read.

Photography Tips

If you’re taking your own iPhone photos, here are some professional tips from a photographer that will elevate your cherry blossom photos.

  1. Shoot down the “aisles.” To avoid tree trucks sticking out from behind people’s heads, find an aisle and position your subject there. Then, the trees will frame your subject instead of being a distracting background.
  2. Shoot backlit if possible. All of my photos here are backlit because the sun was out. If the sun isn’t out, then turn the other way around and find a different aisle to photograph down.
  3. Back up a little bit! Make sure to get the tops of the trees in your photos! The cherry blossom trees are so gorgeous, so be sure to capture them as well as your subject!

If you want to book your own cherry blossom photoshoot, please use the booking tab on my website or email me directly at

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