Amsterdam Outfit Ideas for Spring

Spring in Amsterdam is oh-so beautiful, but what you see on Instagram is only half the story. The sun does make an appearance in the city, but the clouds and bad weather are never too far away. A hailstorm can follow clear skies in the blink of an eye, so you need outfits that are both cute in the sun but functional for weathering an Amsterdam downpour. Here are my Amsterdam Outfit Ideas for Spring!

While Amsterdam rains less in the Spring than in the Winter, I’d expect to get rained on at least once during your visit. It can get warm when the sun is out, but if you step in the shade or it gets cloudy, you can get cold fast. The wind coming off the canals is intense, and will absolutely blow your hat off and down the street.

amsterdam spring outfits


In the Winter, I only wear waterproof boots. However, in the Spring, I also add a tennis shoe or sneaker into the mix. I have a pair of red Allbirds that were gifted to me, but if I had to pick my own sneaker, I would go for a pair of white Keds, just for the versatility in outfit building. You could be comfortable in the sun wearing ballet flats or even open-toe shoes, but if you get caught in a downpour, your toes might get too cold.

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Amsterdam Centraal is notorious for pickpockets (what major European city isn’t?), so I am hesitant to wear backpacks. (Even though I literally just ordered a backpack yesterday, but I needed something to carry my camera in besides a drybag padded with diapers.) Not in Amsterdam, but in Utrecht (think Chicago to New York), there have been cases of men pulling purses off women as they ride bikes through intersections.

Although I’ve never carried this type of bag before, since moving to the Netherlands, all I use is a Waterproof Sling Bag. It sits against my chest and I usually zip it up under my rain coat. This way I have easy access to my valuables and it’s not bouncing around my person when I’m bogged down walking home with with multiple grocery bags. Waterproof is the key here. You really don’t want your phone to get soaked.

Locals often carry a shopping bag, either a canvas bag or an old Albert Heijn shopping bag, we just need something to carry tomorrow’s breakfast home in. I can usually stuff my canvas bag (either an old Mamasocial bag or an Action bag) into my sling bag.

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Remember how in the Winter I advised not to wear jeans at all? Well, in the Spring it doesn’t rain quite as much, so I think you’d get along just fine with a pair of jeans. I also regularly wear yoga pants and leggings, and I even saw a pair of linen pants on someone today.

amsterdam casual spring outfit


Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters!

If you’re waking up early or even just walking in the shade, it’s still quite chilly. I would wear a tank top or tee shirt underneath if you think you may get too hot in the museums.

amsterdam raincoat outfits


Don’t land in Amsterdam without one, even if seasoned locals dare to walk out their front door without a raincoat slung over their arm, you shouldn’t trust the lekker weather.

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