Bos en Lommer Spring Family Photos

The Bos en Lommer neighborhood is full of hidden gems, but the park I photograph in is my favorite secret when it comes to Spring blooms!

Further away from Amsterdam Centraal is the quiet little neighborhood of Amsterdam West. Featuring main streets Jan van Galenstraat and Admiraal de Ruijterweg, the neighborhood is both quiet and a true picture of local life here in Bos en Lommer. This is where I live, and this is where I photograph most of my clients!

I’ve noticed that Spring in Bos en Lommer seems to arrive earlier than in other areas! Maybe it’s just all my wishful thinking finally paid off, but our cherry blossom trees bloomed a couple of weeks earlier than anywhere else!

See my Bos en Lommer Cherry Blossom Images here!

After the first set of cherry blossom trees fade, we get these beautiful white buds in the park garden.

I always advise my clients to wear pastels to their Spring photo session, and the white florals in this park made for the perfect background to their yellow and lavender outfits!

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