Cherry Blossom Photoshoot in Amsterdam

Looking to book a Cherry Blossom Photoshoot in Amsterdam? Here’s my guide on what to wear, the best locations for cherry blossoms around the city, and Amsterdam weather precautions.

At long last cherry blossom season is upon us! I will knowingly admit that I declare every season my favorite, but with cherry blossom season, I absolutely mean it. The cotton-candy blooms are only here for a short time, and the cherry blossoms hold a special place in my heart for two reasons: my beloved uncle who passed away in his early 30’s had a cherry blossom tattoo and back in the States we had a little cherry blossom tree outside our house that always bloomed in time for my youngest son’s birthday.

However, I was not prepared for how much these blooms would mean to me after a long Amsterdam winter. Even though it is still chilly outside, I, like most Amsterdammers, have been walking through the park almost everyday to see these beautiful blooms.

cherry blossom amsterdam

Are all the Amsterdam cherry blossoms in bloom right now?

Yes! However, each location is in a different stage of blooming. The trees at Amsterdamse Bos, which just bloomed recently, look different from the blooms at the park near my apartment, which have been in bloom for a couple of weeks already. This is why it’s important to book your cherry blossom photoshoot as early as possible and to choose a photographer that knows of multiple locations in case of surprises. Booking your session ahead of time allows you to rest assured that you will get those gorgeous blooms in your photos before they’re gone for a whole year!

What are the different locations for cherry blossoms in Amsterdam?

The most well-known location for Amsterdam Cherry Blossoms is the Bloesempark just outside the city. It’s about a 40 minute bike ride from my neighborhood in Amsterdam West, and filled with neatly structured rows of cherry blossom trees. It is well-known for being extremely crowded, and early sessions (read: sunrise) are recommended.

Another good location to see cherry blossoms without leaving the city is Westerpark. This park (located in Amsterdam West) is large enough that you feel like you’re not being ogled at on the streets, while at the same time is convenient when you have small children with even smaller tolerances for fancy clothing.

And last but not least, my most favorite location, because it is only a short walk from my house and never too crowded: Erasmuspark! A small neighborhood park, featuring a sizable garden, football field, cafe and playground, Erasmuspark also has a small collection of cherry blossom trees. These trees bloomed early for the season, so they are in full display now.

Tips for your Cherry Blossom Photoshoot in Amsterdam

Once you’ve booked your cherry blossom photoshoot, you get to start planning your outfits! If you just don’t know where to begin, here are my tips for cultivating a flawless look!

  • Choose light and flowy outfits to compliment the delicacy of the blossoms. Neutral or pastel colors will work best with the cherry blossom background.
  • Keep jewelry light and delicate.
  • Consider the grassy location and choose chunkier heels or flats instead of thin heels that will sink into the grass!
  • Make sure to bundle your babies up! Spring in Amsterdam is still chilly, so come prepared to add a layer of thermals under your kids’ clothing or a sweater on top of their outfit if the weather is cooler than we expected. On the other hand, be prepared for the sun to warm you up. For ladies, I recommend a short sleeve dress and a sweater that you can take on and off instead of a long sleeve dress that can’t be adjusted due to temperature.

As with any outdoor photography session, prepare to be flexible due to Amsterdam weather. It could rain on your session day, and we will have to reschedule or wait out the rain.

Booking your Cherry Blossom Session

When you’ve decided you want to book your session with me, please fill out the booking form on my website or email me directly at

I will help you plan your outfits and choose a location that fits your needs, and then we will select a date and back up date in case of rain!

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