Baptism Photographer (Blaricum)

As an infant and toddler portrait photographer, I occasionally get asked to photograph baptisms, and I’m more than happy to join the family in celebrating their youngest member’s spiritual journey. This baptism took place at Sint Vituskerk in Blaricum, Netherlands.

Baby Girl’s Baptism Dress

Olivia’s mom had her wedding dress made into Olivia’s baptism dress, so I made sure to capture an image of the dress all by itself. The bonnet (shown later) was also made from her wedding dress.

Baptism at Sint VitusKerk in Blaricum

Before the ceremony, I made sure to ask days in advance whether I was allowed to photograph the actual moment of baptism. The priest will decide if this is allowed or not. During the ceremony, baby Olivia sang along and made her voice heard. She was very interested in the proceedings and was in a great mood the whole ceremony.

Baptism Reception Photos

The reception room in Sint Vituskerk in Blaricum has lots of windows and even a sunroof, which made finding beautiful light to photograph the reception easy as cake. The room was decorated with colorful balloons, fresh florals, and yummy treats.

baptism photographer

Outdoor Family Photos

If weather allows, I always suggest we do family photos outdoors. Without getting into too much technical photography detail, it’s easier for photographers to get everyone in focus when there is more light available. And outdoors almost always offers a beautiful background.

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