Cake Smash Photoshoot

Perfect for your baby’s first birthday, a cake smash photoshoot tells such a sweet story. Will your baby dive headfirst into the cake or will he take his time and poke the icing with his fingers before tasting? Each baby’s approach to their cake is completely different and really showcases their budding personality.

With my cake smash sessions, I like to keep things simple. There’s nothing cuter than a baby, so why busy up the background with all sorts of props. With a simple neutral background, your baby’s face covered in icing and squealing in delight will definitely be a framer.

Tips for your Baby’s Cake Smash Photoshoot

Opt for a light-colored cake

Vanilla or white cake looks better smashed all over your baby than chocolate cake. Even during a cake smash photoshoot, I am still prioritizing your child’s skin tones over anything else. When you revisit your images, I want you to see your sweet baby first and the cake smeared on his face second.

Additionally, darker cake and icing are more likely to stain your baby’s clothing.

Dress your Baby in Neutral Colors

When I’m photographing, I always prioritize my client’s skin tones. Wearing bright or neon outfits can reflect the same color light onto your face and it is difficult to remove the unnatural color in post.

Whites, creams, browns, beiges, or even a light blue or pink are absolutely perfect for a cake smash session and will allow your baby to be the focus of their session instead of their outfit. Additionally, neutrals stay timeless, whereas the more colors and patterns you add in, the more likely your gallery will look dated as time goes on.

cake smash photographer amsterdam

Choose a baker near my studio

I can’t image trying to transport a cake on a bike or the bus on the day of your session. Photography should be a luxury, and if your baker allows me to pick up your cake for you, I will if you order your cake from a baker in Amsterdam West near my studio.

cake smash photographer amsterdam

Or… Let me bake your cake!

I made the cake from this session myself (with some help from the AH box mix). But I am happy to do the baking so there’s no chance that the cake gets harmed in the transport.

Don’t forget to jump in some photos yourself!

Your baby’s first birthday is a celebration of them and their life, of course! BUT their first birthday is also a celebration of you. You made it through pregnancy, through labor, through the newborn stage, through teething and sleep deprivation. Your baby’s first year is no doubt one of the hardest parts of motherhood, but you overcame and that deserves celebrating too.

If you’d like to book a session for your baby’s first birthday, please use the booking tab on my website or email me directly at if you have any questions.

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