Spring Garden Family Photoshoot in Amsterdam West


What’s better than family portraits in a flower garden in Spring? Honestly, I do not know. My family and I just moved to Amsterdam West this year, and I’m counting down the days until the flower gardens start to bloom. Amsterdam has a stellar claim on flowers, and the tulip festival was just this weekend, even though it was dark and gloomy outside. The park closest to my house is boasting of hydrangeas, which if you know me at all, you know I’m absolutely in love with any flower that comes in blue and pink all at once.

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I was a bit nervous before this photoshoot, because this family had both older children and an infant. I didn’t want to seem too dorky to the older kids while I entertained the baby girl making silly faces and possibly duck noises, but it absolutely was not an issue. These kids were some of the best behaved children I’ve ever seen. We met an hour before sunset at the garden, which gave us plenty of daylight to run around and play in.

After this family’s session, I asked the mom, Samantha, how she prepared her older children for this session. She told me she sat them down and explained how much family pictures meant to her as a mother. She explained how much she would treasure these photos throughout her life. It worked. Not only were these kids well-behaved, they were genuinely sweet and kind and willing to show off their personalities.

West Amsterdam Locations

I’ve been eyeing Erasmus Park in Amsterdam West almost every day, just waiting for the Spring blooms. Hydrangeas look promising, and the cattails diffuse sunlight beautifully on the other side of the tiny park canal. Even in winter, the grass is still bright green, and there’s a quaint little dirt trail that’s just begging for a family to walk down its path.

multi racial family portraits

Hi, I’m Sim Sawyers and I’m an early motherhood and family photographer living in Amsterdam West with my husband and two little boys.

If you’d like to book a Spring garden family photoshoot in Amsterdam West with me, please use the booking tab on my website or email me directly at simsawyersphotography@gmail.com.

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