Mommy and Baby Amsterdam Photoshoot

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Maya and Vera visited my home studio in Amsterdam for a Mommy and Baby Photoshoot last Sunday. It was a cold and dreamy Amsterdam winter morning, and it had been threatening to snow at any minute. Vera’s nap ran a little late, so Maya texted me to ask if we could push back the photoshoot an hour.

Of course I said “yes!” A happy baby is priority number one when it comes to baby photography.

But I didn’t have to worry. Vera was in a fantastic mood for her session, and she was happily kicking her little legs almost the whole time.

Maya brought a couple of outfits for her, and my favorite was this neutral beige and white outfit with the bonnet that we photographed last. The bonnet made this outfit! Maya wore this gorgeous white sweater dress that complimented the brown in Vera’s shorts.

For some of the images, I pulled out a white dress from my client closet and we set Vera down on the skirt of the dress. She was very interested in the texture and kept rolling over to investigate, but I managed to catch a few of her before she successfully rolled over and started pretending to be Superman! It was so cute!

After a milk break for Vera, I positioned Maya and Vera against my special photoshoot curtains and had them play and make faces together for the “mommy and baby” part of the photoshoot. This gives the images a really pretty negative space (and makes a great phone lock screen!).

I’m finishing up their gallery this week, but just couldn’t wait to share a glimpse!

More Info

If you’d like to book a Mommy and Baby Photoshoot in Amsterdam with me, please use the booking tab on my website. You can also email me directly at I can help you plan your outfits, and I have a small Client Closet you’re welcome to utilize at no additional charge.

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