Questions to ask your Amsterdam Freelance Photographer

If you’ve never worked with a particular freelance photographer before, here are some questions to ask your photographer before you book an Amsterdam photography session with them.

What is your photographers rain policy?

It’s no secret that Amsterdam, and the Netherlands in general, is notoriously wet and rainy. Will your photographer wait until the day of the photoshoot to decide to call it off if the forecast is bad? Will they pull out their raingear and have a rainy session? Do they have an indoor studio option lined up just in case? 

Chances are, any freelance photographer in the Netherlands will have a range of responses depending on the type of photoshoot you’re wanting. 

For example, if I have a family session scheduled and the weather look bad, if they have small children, we will definitely reschedule or move indoors for a studio session. If I have an elopment photoshoot scheduled and they are only in town this weekend, I will ask the couple what they prefer to do. 

You want to have the rain discussion with a photographer before you book with them and come up with a backup plan, regardless of what the forecast says. 

Will your freelance photographer assist in planning your outfits?

Most photographers these days have blog posts specific to the year and season of exactly what to wear and where to buy these clothes from. Photographers nowdays will have pinterest boards, style guides—even hair and make up artists on speed dial. 

I definitely fall into the over-planner category. I mean, seriously, come on. I’m an artist! It’s not my best work if I’m planning your whole session in the three seconds after I shake your hand and see what you’re wearing while I’m adjusting my settings. I want to know if your dress is mid length or ankle length; I want to know if you’re bringing a snuggly sweater for a second look. This photographer needs to plan! 

Does your freelance photographer offer albums and prints, and is that something you want?

No shame, some people don’t print and just want digitals for social media. Some families want albums for grandparents and three galleries for different rooms in their home. If you’re a tourist, are they going to be able to ship your products directly to your home?

As an artist, it helps to know what sort of gallery you’re expecting to have at the end of your experience. For example, if you’re going to hang up images of each of your children side by side, I need to ask you if you want each of your kids to fill up the same space in their frame, or if you want your youngest child to be proportional to your eleven-year-old. 

How far is your photographer willing to travel? 

A session in the tulip fields will take up more travel time than a session in Amsterdam city proper. If you want a freelance photographer that will travel, make sure to mention locations you have in mind to them before you book and find out what their rates are for the location you want. 

How many people are allowed at the session? And do they charge extra for grandparents?

Some freelance photographers have a strict “immediate family only” policy. However, I think that’s ridiculous. It’s not any extra work for me if there are more people in the photos. And I personally think kids can never have enough photos with their grandparents or cousins. So bring your sister and her family, bring your grandparents. Bring your best friends who love your kids as if they were family. Document your life how it is.

What is your photographer’s liquify policy?

Liquify is basically where we can grab a location on the image and can adjust the position slightly without anyone noticing. Some freelance photographers have a no liquify policy. You’re all natural, whatever comes straight out of camera is what you get. 

Other photographers have a dress and hair liquify policy, meaning they’ll give your hair a little extra wave for artistic reasons, and make your dress fly out in the wind just a bit. When done right, it looks really nice, almost as if we were whispering instructions to the wind during your session.

Then there’s the body adjustments liquify, meaning we can also make pregnant bellies larger and rounder. If we put you in a bad angle, we can adjust a double chin that appeared in that angle and you wouldn’t otherwise have. 

If you are wanting liquifying done at all, you need to make sure your photographer knows how to apply it in post. Have a conversation about what kind of adjustments you want done.

And that’s it! If you’re looking for an Amsterdam freelance photographer that offers a light and airy style, check out my galleries to see if I’m the right photographer for you!

If you want to ask me these questions or discuss liquifying, you can fill out the form on my book tab, or email me directly at

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