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If you’re tired of the usual Amsterdam canals and houses look, but you want to stay true to Dutch culture-head to the gardens.

Amsterdam Photography, Resources for Parents

Garden Family Photos by Amsterdam Photographer

Having gender disappointment with my boys forced me to examine gender norms and decide if I wanted to pass antiquated ideas down to my kids.

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Getting Over Gender Disappointment and Having All Boys

boy mom embraces all the girly things after having gender disappointment

I’ve had a waiter think I asked for a “naan” when I wanted spice level “nine.” I was on a date and mortified.


12 Tips for Raising Multiracial Kids

a multi-racial baby boy on his first birthday

Every home is different, so you want to be sure you’re going to get etherial, magical images then the studio is for you. 

Amsterdam Photography

Amsterdam Newborn Photoshoot



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