Garden Family Photos by Amsterdam Photographer

As an Amsterdam photographer, I adore taking your family photos in gardens, rather than the usual canals and houses look.

If you’re wanting to get away from the usual Amsterdam city photos with the gingerbread houses looming in the background, but still want to stay true to Dutch culture—then this photographer suggests you head to the gardens.

Flower gardens provide an ethereal and whimsical setting for your family session and offer more opportunities for toddlers to relax and show off their true smiles without everyone on the street watching them. 

Looking at nature together is an opportunity for you to bond as a family, and your children will cherish their trip to the gardens with their parents more than they’ll remember walking down the street together. 

You get back candid images of your littles ones inspecting florals and marveling at nature, as well as images of everyone smiling and looking at the camera. If you have toddlers, you may prefer to schedule photosessions in nature rather than in the city because of the sensory input cities have on children. Amsterdam is a relatively quiet city, but it is still full of bells and various smells. Children are much more likely to have a meltdown during a photoshoot if they are overwhelmed sensorywise. 

Another benefit to scheduling an Amsterdam garden session is your wardrobe. Planning a session against the classic Amsterdam background usually inspires clients to dress trendy. However, in five years, the trends will be different. You may look back at your heirloom images and wonder what you were thinking. In the gardens, I advise clients to choose simple and elegant gowns in neutral and pastel colors. Because we wear our fancier clothing less often than trendy clothing, fancier clothing is not as impacted by fast-fashion trends. Your heirlooms will stand the test of time. 


My favorite parks and gardens in Amsterdam are:

Park Frankendael

Gijsbrecht Aemstelpark


Bloementuin Darwinplantsoen

Kindertuin Tugelaweg

Sim Sawyers is a Motherhood and Family Photographer and lives in Amsterdam with her husband and two sons. Inspired by Bollywood and fairytales, she creates ethereal portraits full of magic and love between family members. 

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