Amsterdam Newborn Photoshoot

If you’re ready to book an Amsterdam newborn photoshoot, but you’re not sure if you should start cleaning your house or start looking up Amsterdam studio options, let a professional photographer shine some light on it.

Here are all the reasons you may want have a home photoshoot or make a trip to the studio, according to Amsterdam newborn photographer, Sim Sawyers.

In my work as an Amsterdam newborn photographer, I’ve done both in-home newborn sessions and studio sessions. For an artistic and consistency reason, I prefer studio sessions. The studio is what I post on my website and Instagram because it’s duplicatable. If you see a studio image you love on my portfolio and want me to do that for you, I can. If you see an image from someone’s house and love it, I may not be able to recreate that image for you because your home may not have the same access to window light as their home did.

There are pros and cons to both in-home and studio sessions, and what’s important to me or your best friend during our family sessions may not be important to you during your family session. So here’s everything you need to know about newborn portrait locations. 

In-home photoshoots are great for newborns because it is so hard to get a newborn out of the house.

When I took my newborn to his week old check up at his pediatrician’s, I’m pretty sure I cried when I got back home. It was awful. Remembering where my keys were and trying to gauge how many diapers I needed, and then the stress of putting him in the carseat on the road—it was too much for me. I can only imagine the added stress of taking a newborn out in Amsterdam where they’ll most likely get wet or cold.

When I come over to your house to do a newborn session, you don’t have any added stress. We take pause if the baby needs to feed. We take breaks to change baby’s diaper. If they’re fussy and need a nap and a few moments away from the stranger with the big camera, we do that. It’s whatever you and the baby need. A photography session is a luxury. And it should be a luxurious experience for you. 

Older children are another reason you might prefer an in-home photoshoot.

I’m going to just say it: A newborn photography session is not the most fun for a toddler. I will make it as fun as possible for them. They can absolutely be my “assistant” and help me tell mom and dad what to do. And sometimes it takes thirty minutes and we’re all done. But sometimes baby is not in the mood, and it can be frustrating for a toddler to be in their nice clothes just waiting around and having to be quiet so you can get baby to sleep. The benefit of being home is your older children can be in the photos when they feel like it, and then they can go change out of their nice clothes and have a snack and play when group photos are done.

mom holds newborn baby in her amsterdam nursery

The third reason you might opt for an in-home photoshoot is if you want your home in the photos.

This is your space, and if you poured your heart into your baby’s nursery or have a special bassinet that you want in the photos, then this is a great way to preserve your family legacy. This is where you spend your time and where baby is going to grow up. On the other hand, you’ve just had a baby and the house may be a wreck so you may prefer the studio.

baby girl wearing an ethereal pink dress smiles on mom's lap

Studio photoshoots are great for completely different reasons, and these may be more important to you. 

The number one reason to opt for a studio session is you can be sure of the quality of the images. I have special curtains that filter light through the windows and distribute it evenly when it hits your skin. I know what poses are going to look amazing at what settings exactly how far away from the window. It’s the same every time in the studio, even if it’s a cloudy Amsterdam day.

On the other hand, every home is different, so if we do an in-home session, you may have beige walls casting a yellow tint onto your skin in one room or gray walls casting a blue tint in another room. The prettiest corner of your nursery may be in a corner with no light. If you want to be sure you’re going to get etherial, magical images with lots of bright, negative space, then the studio is for you. 

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