Amsterdam Professional Headshots

If you’re trying to grow a business in Amsterdam in the modern world of social media and websites, then you need a professional headshot that aligns with your brand personality and lets your audience connect with you!

You are your brand. You and your personality are the reason your clients work with you, and it’s so important to show it off! Establishing a personal brand builds trust and credibility with your client base, and you want your headshots to be one of the the first things they see when they land on your website!

Planning for Your Headshots

As a professional photographer based in Amsterdam, I will help you prepare two to three outfits for your headshot photoshoot, ranging from business casual to semi-casual. Your outfit choices may differ depending on your line of work. For example, if you are a professional nanny, you may choose to wear something more casual, like jeans and a soft-textured blouse. If you are a creative director at one of Amsterdam’s excellent museums, then you may opt for something colorful but with strong lines. Before your headshot session, I will schedule a consultation call where we can talk about your professional roles and how your personality and personal style can best showcase your business strengths.

Clothes and Confidence

You also have the option of working with a personal stylist, Bekah, who will go through your closet with you when you book with me and help you find perfect outfits for your headshot photos.

Her rates are €50 for a one hour session over Zoom and €75 for an in-person session. You can get lost in her website here!

During your Amsterdam Headshot Session

This is Amsterdam, and there’s alway a chance it will rain. However, in order to get a diverse collection of images, I like to pick locations near a park so we can go outside if the weather allows.

During your session, we will capture a range of full body, mid-distance, and the classic “headshot” portraits, as well as some landscape images for your website, Facebook, and Pinterest covers.

Best practices in business headshots means I’ll pose you looking at the camera and smiling. If you would like to bring props that showcase your professional capabilities, please do so!


After your Headshot Session in Amsterdam

A couple of days after your headshot session, I will send you an email with a link to view your gallery and download the images from there! You will be able to use your new headshots on all your websites and social platforms.

Pricing for Profession Amsterdam Headshots

A one hour photoshoot session with me is €350, excl. VAT.

A two hour photoshoot is €450 excl. VAT, but only €50 per additional colleague you bring with you. You may bring up to 3 additional colleagues.

Unconventional Amsterdam Headshots

If you are a model or dancer and are looking for a more creative and expressive photoshoot than the typical business headshot session, I can work with you to create a photoshoot that captures all of your creativity.

Sim is a light and airy photographer based out of Amsterdam. Click here to view more of her galleries, and click here to book.

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