Christmas Photoshoot in Amsterdam

amsterdam netherlands christmas photoshoot

Christmas through Your Children’s Eyes

Watching my child experience Christmas is one of those magical moments that melt my heart. The soft “ooohs” as we light the tree and their little fingers paw at the ornaments gets me every time. And nothing but pure Christmas spirit could have prompted me to venture out into the freezing Amsterdam rain to go out for a Christmas tree almost six weeks before Christmas. That, and I wanted to do our own Christmas photoshoot so I could have enough time to send our Christmas cards all the way from Amsterdam.

Natural, Simple, Relaxing Christmas Photoshoot in Amsterdam

In my opinion, Christmas photoshoots, like all photoshoots, should be calming. I don’t like busy backgrounds and props and costumes, and I like them even less so at Christmastime.

I love to hand your toddler a sparkly ornament and watch their eyes twinkle as they turn it around in their chubby little fingers. My usually rambunctious toddler, who can never sit still for longer than thirty seconds, was so mesmerized by our ornaments that he sat still for almost the entire session.

I advise you to dress in pastels and neutrals, so that your printed Christmas photos match any home decor and continue to look polished and elegant as time goes on and you treasure your Christmas memories for years to come. Be sure to bring your child’s favorite stuffed animals and Christmas books so we can capture their true smiles and their silly selves.

Our First Christmas in Amsterdam

This year is the Sawyers Family’s first Christmas in Amsterdam, and although we arrived here only a couple of weeks ago, it feels like we have come a long way since then. When we first arrived in our apartment, we barely had any furniture or light fixtures and slept in the living room on an air mattress. We took the train all the way out to Noord to visit Action, Hema, and Decathalon, completely unaware that we had all three of these just a short ten minute walk from our apartment.

Now, just three weeks later, we have (and I mean JD has) carried a bed piece by piece from down the road, employed a courier to bring a bunk bed for the boys, and (JD) brought back kitchen chairs via bakfiets (I still can’t ride the bakfiets yet.) I haven’t fallen completely off my bike, although I have had a couple of close calls, and we should have internet tomorrow. But, in true Sawyers fashion, we have secured the Christmas tree before we have installed the last light fixture in our bedroom. Hey, we know what’s truly important.

Even though we’re miles away from our family, Christmas in Amsterdam feels almost the same as Christmas back home. Thank goodness for facetime calls and facebook.

Amsterdam Christmas Photoshoot Details

This year I’m offering Christmas sessions in an all inclusive format, meaning you pay once and get everything. For €100 you receive 20 retouched images and an hour of shooting time (if you need it, I can usually get what we need a lot quicker than that).

We play music, we sing, we dance. It’s a lot of fun! Hope to see you this year!


Sim Sawyers

If you’d like to book a Christmas photoshoot this year, please use the booking tab on my website or email me directly at

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