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Are you a new mom or moving to Amsterdam?

If you’re a mom moving to Amsterdam, or you’re already in Amsterdam and are having a difficult time finding “your tribe” after falling pregnant or giving birth, you’re in luck. Making friends postpartum and post immigration can feel like the least important thing on a to-do list that’s riddled with things like “Keep tiny human alive” and “Figure out how to bike in the rain.” But, I promise if you get the whole friend thing down, your worst and most frustrating days won’t seem as bad and your best days will be that much better with your group of Amsterdam Mamas.

Amsterdam Mamas Group

I stumbled upon Mama Social on Instagram before we arrived in the Netherlands but after we had left the States and were about midway through our South and Central America tour. I had already spent two months without my “mom friends” from back home, and I knew I had to be proactive about finding friends in Amsterdam before I created a routine and lifestyle that didn’t leave any room for building friendships. Growing up with an immigrant father had shown me how hard it is to make friends in a new country if you aren’t actively trying.

Brunch at the Kanarie Club

I was nervous, but I really shouldn’t have been. Everyone was extremely nice in a completely genuine way. Most moms there were immigrants and were more than willing to answer any questions I had.

“I remember how hard it was when we moved-just give me a call if you need anything, even where to buy something!” This mom was from Tennessee, just a state above Alabama, where I’m from. I didn’t realize I needed to hear another Southern accent.

Another mom assured me the hard time my oldest was having would ease up after about three months. That her kids had had a similar start, that sitting through class in a completely different language was extremely tiring, but that it would get better.

I exhaled.

Gemma, the mastermind behind Mama Social, introduced me to another mom that lives on the same street as I do. A week or so later, this same mom invited me to a weekly playgroup, and then later to a Christmas party with other ladies from our neighborhood. She even lent me a dress for the party and gifted it to me after.

If I can do it, you can do it too.

I used to be so shy that on Sunday mornings, instead of going and sitting with the Youth Group in the front of the church, I would go to the nursery with my little brother and help watch him and the other toddlers because I was so terrified of kids my own age.

Growing up, I had two good friends through high-school, was friends with my roommates in college, and that was enough-until I became a mom in a city where I knew practically no one.

I had my first son right after I graduated college and moved to a new town just two weeks before his birth. I was so scared to leave the house (thanks, PPA) that I accidentally made my first ever “mom friend” at a funeral.

She came over while her two year old was in daycare, and I had a four month old who still needed to be cajoled into sleeping. I remember her telling me all about her two year old’s bedtime routine and me thinking that maybe there was hope my baby would eventually sleep one day (he does). For the first time since I had had my baby, I felt like maybe I was going to eventually be okay.

Brunch Nannies

If brunch didn’t sound great already, Gemma organizes nannies, Bumble and Tumble, at the Mama Social brunch, and they help watch the kids so you can take a moment and eat with no one in your lap trying to grab your food.

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